The Academy of Urban Learning is a Denver Public School Charter High School. AUL has year-around enrollment based on student needs. Outlined below are the steps to enrollment and admission to AUL.

  1. Schedule Initial Interview: please call and schedule an interview with the Enrollment Coordinator. During this interview process, the student is asked questions and together it is discussed if AUL is a good fit academically and socially.
  2. Special Education: please bring a copy of the student’s IEP or 504-plan to the initial interview. The special education department reviews the IEP to verify that appropriate and necessary services can be provided to the student at AUL. Enrollment is pending until this review process occurs. Failure to disclose that a student has an IEP may result in enrollment revocation.
  3. Enrollment Paperwork: after the student is accepted to AUL, enrollment paperwork must be fully completed and received by the Office Manager. The student cannot begin classes until all necessary paperwork is signed and received.
  4. Assessment Testing:  upon acceptance, the student participates in testing for math and reading placement. With these results, the student’s schedule is created.
  5. Transcripts: please provide transcripts to AUL in order for the student to receive credit for coursework completed at any previous school.

The AUL school year begins in August and continues through May. It is broken up into three trimesters: Trimester I begins in August, Trimester II begins in late-November and Trimester III begins in March. Please call the school to determine when the next upcoming enrollment dates for new students is.