Academic Programs @ AUL

Senior Seminar Class
Prior to graduation, students complete Senior Seminar I,II and III. Senior Seminar I and II focus on post-secondary options, including community college or vocational school courses. These classes will also address issues of financial aid, support groups on campus, tours of area colleges/vocational schools, preparation for the ACCUPLACER, ACT and/or SAT and guest speakers from the community. Senior Seminar III is designed to assist Senior candidates with completing their final two components to fulfill their graduation status: Graduation Portfolios and Presentations of Learning.

Students have so many options after high school! To-be AUL graduates work closely with an advisor to identify their goals throughout their time at AUL & put concrete steps into place to achieve them.

Individual Learning Plans

The Academy of Urban Learning’s academic program is based on individualization, skill development and project completion. Classes are designed to assist students in developing and maintaining their skill levels, with a project-based learning-approach and hands-on experiences in academic areas. Each student creates an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) that outlines graduation requirements and their progress towards that goal. Each class must be completed with a passing grade of A, B, C, or D in order for a student to graduate.

Duration of Program
Due to the nature of being an alternative charter high school, AUL has different graduation credit requirements than traditional high schools. Students at AUL need 195 credits to graduate in the following areas: 40 credits in English, 40 credits in Math, 30 credits in Science, 30 credits in Social Studies, 20 in Advising, 20 in Electives, and 15 in Senior Seminar.

Learning Needs

We have two full-time special educators and a school psychologist for students with IEP requirements.

We also have a 504 coordinator and a Gifted & Talented coordinator.

Project-Based Learning

Academy of Urban Learning operates with a student-centered focus. We tackle projects & sustained inquiry over papers, tests, & essays. Our approach is Project Based Learning (PBL), which helps enhance student engagement, growth, accountability, & real-world application.

PBL helps students learn & practice important 21st Century Skills–collaboration, communication, critical thinking–that will enable our students to be college- and work-ready as well as effective members of their communities.


Coming in with less than 50 credits?

Success Academy is a mini-school within AUL that is entering its 2nd school year. Students in Success Academy are traditional 9th graders coming out of middle school OR they are older students who have less than 50 credits towards their high school career. Being under credited means that something has not been working for you at school. Maybe work and providing for your family has been getting in your way. Perhaps just getting to school has become difficult. Maybe the transition from middle school to high school left you bewildered and without important organization skills. Regardless, Success Academy exists as an entry-into-AUL cushion, offering students the ability to learn skills that will help them be accountable towards their learning, while acquiring communication, advocacy, behavior, and mindfulness experiences. Students in Success Academy focus on Math, English, and Elective classes during the school day in a small-community environment.


Do you have more than 50 credits?

Saber Academy is the main culture of AUL and contains the majority of our students. Saber Academy students are older, may have been told they would not graduate at their neighborhood school, have work that gets in the way of their school day, and are looking for a focused track to high school graduation. They are students in the 10th through 12th grades who have at least 50 high school credits completed. Students are exposed to learning in the Math, Science, English, and Social Studies realms. Students in Saber Academy with 86% attendance have the opportunity to venture off campus for lunch.