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The Academy of Urban Learning (AUL) is a Denver Public Schools charter high school serving Denver-area students ages 14 to 21.  If you are a high school student experiencing difficult barriers to achieving success at your current school and worry about the possibility of graduating with a high school diploma, AUL may be for you.

At AUL, we care about you, and we strive to build relationships with students and families that encompass our core values of:

Community   |   Academics   |   Respect   |   Empowerment   | Service

We provide the wrap-around services and individualized support our students need to succeed academically and socially, and to become successful, self-sufficient adults. Students, families, and staff agree: AUL is different. Click through our website to see why!

Coming to AUL may help those goals that seem just out of reach, begin to be right at your fingertips. And those doors that keep closing? We can give you the tools to open them back up.

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News & Events @ AUL

Family Night & Student Showcase!

Join us at AUL on Wednesday, November 14th from 5-7pm for this year’s first Student Showcase.

Enjoy delicious food & see what your student has been learning & working on so far this school year.

Open house style, come when you’d like & stay as long as you’d like!

Interested in coming to AUL?

10th-12th grade students may start school during the first week of the remaining hexters this year.

Interviews will take place the two weeks leading up to the hexter start. Give Ms. Indi in the office a call at 303-282-0900 to set up an interview!

Hexter 3 November 26-29

Hexter 4 January 23-29

Hexter 5 March 11-14

Hexter 6 May 1-8

**Please note: 9th grade is full for the rest of the 2018-2019 school year.

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AUL 2019-2019 Calendar

New Hexter Schedule Dates

AUL is now on a 6-week hexter schedule, rather than the 12-week trimesters we had been utilizing. Classes will be 6 weeks long instead of 12 and will be worth 2.5 instead of 5.0.

Hexter 1- August 20th-October 1st

Hexter 2- October 2nd -November 15th

Hexter 3-November 26th– January 22nd

Hexter 4-January 23-March 7th

Hexter 5- March 11th-April 30th

Hexter 6- May 1-June 5th

AUL is open!